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The unusual sound of a Grey Squirrel alarm call. This particular female Squirrel was not pleased about the presence of a Domestic Cat, and ran up a radio ... source

Top 10: Animal Jokes

Did you know that some species of animals can laugh? Check out our Top Ten Animal Jokes to see which jokes you think are the funniest! Leave a comment ... source


These are some of my best photos I took in 2010 that go along with my video series "Safari Lewa" and "Safari Wildcat." "Subscribe" ... source

Barred owls laughing

Audio of a pair of barred owls "laughing" calls to each other with a couple of still pictures. Recorded near Suwannee River State Park, FL. source

Kiwi | Animal Fact Files

On this episode of Animal Fact Files discover a little bird who lays some massive eggs! ***Note: At 0:40 we mention that New Zealand has no native mammals ... source

WCSV: Fast Facts on Skunks

Learn more about these critters who carry a deadly weapon wherever they go. -------------------- To Donate: ... source

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