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This video will make you lough, but also think! It's important to have a break and cheer up! Enjoy LOL SooB. source

FNAF Plush – Fred's Nerf Gun

Fred The Party Pooper gets a Nerf Gun!!! FNAF Plush - Fred's Nerf Gun. In this new episode of Five Nights At Freddy's FNAF Plush, Sister Location, Fred gets a ... source

I'm a Cow Song

Watch as a proud cows sings about himself! Enjoy the cow! LOVE the cow!!!! Cow LOVES YOU!!!! (Share Share Share Share) Now available on iTunes ... source

Things Only Marvel Fans Will Find Funny

Things Only Marvel Fans Will Find Funny.We here at are huge fans of the Marvel Universe and either you're into Deadpool or more into Spiderman: we have some memes to make you laugh! Just in case you have been around the…

Best Animal News Bloopers

and look they're big this one is about 12 pounds but they can grow and Nicole DiDonato live in east town and those details coming up oh my goodness I'm Brett Morris he's a dairy farmer and this is his farm that we're on and all right this…

Funniest Zoo Animals

20 funniest zoo animals 20 I will stare through this glass until you go away this cute little girl is just doing her thing at the zoo until the lion scared her half to death when he suddenly showed up right on the other side of the glass…

RIP VINE Compilation (Animal Edition)

oh yeah cute one do you like squeaky toys Oh buddy panda say I love you baby hey you got this Travis make them wait for it boom against you please let's Okamura usual has everything and I usually don't you yell at your mother you think…

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