Chandrayaan I

The successful launch of the Chandrayaan-I mission to the moon and the landing of the Moon Impact Probe on the lunar surface on November 14, 2008 was an ... source

Bird Hitting my windshield

I don't know how badly I injured the poor thing or if it even survived. but from seeing the video I did hit it from behind and not directly. It sure made a smack ... source

Plant hormones

Plant hormones, also known as plant growth factors, are chemical substances that accelerate, inhibit or otherwise affect growth. This animation looks at how the ... source

Beautiful Rainforest Butterflies

A selection of beautiful tropical, rain-forest butterflies. Video taken at butterfly 'farms' in the south of England in 2015 mostly using slow-motion video capture. source

FNAF Plush – Fred's Nerf Gun

Fred The Party Pooper gets a Nerf Gun!!! FNAF Plush - Fred's Nerf Gun. In this new episode of Five Nights At Freddy's FNAF Plush, Sister Location, Fred gets a ... source

How Does a PET Scan Work?

NIBIB's 60 Seconds of Science explains what is happening in the body when it undergoes an PET scan. A PET scan uses radioactive tracers to create 3D ... source

Happy New Year Animations

Happy New Year animated TV family specials cartoons This is humorous story about that how the different animals preparing for the ... source

Fat Bear Parade

Katmai's bears won't ride on a float, but they're always ready to waddle in a parade. Katmai celebrates the virtual 2016 #RoseParade with a fat bear parade via ... source

Calls of an Indian Purple Frog

The Indian purple frog (Nasikabatrachus sahyadrensis) is a unique and elusive endangered species found in the Western Ghats of India. These frogs typically ... source

How a Wind Up Music Box Works

Bill reveals the engineering inside a toy music box. He describes how the comb is mass manufactured, details the spring, gears and governor that drive the box, ... source

"Smile Dog" Creepypasta

Hello my creepy watchers Id like to spin my eye across another story so sit down turn the lights off and prepare to be scared. source


The unusual sound of a Grey Squirrel alarm call. This particular female Squirrel was not pleased about the presence of a Domestic Cat, and ran up a radio ... source

15 Amazing Hybrid Animals

watch our video on 15 Bizarre Hybrid Animal That Actually Exist 1. The Tigon is very rare and is when a male tiger and lioness mate. They can grow just as large, ... source