Fake merchandise that features the Royal British Legion’s two-petal poppy is being sold without a donation to charityIAN DAVIDSON/ALAMY

Dozens of companies are selling fake poppy merchandise for profit or cashing in on remembrance memorabilia without donating any money to veterans’ charities, The Times has discovered.

Many of the items are for sale on Amazon. The huge market in fake poppy merchandise has been condemned by the Royal British Legion, which says that the practice denies veterans money.

The legion’s two-petal poppy is a registered trademark and should not be used without permission. However, several companies are selling two-petal poppy brooches and clothing online.

The Spoilt Rotten Workshop, for example, is selling a dog bandana with the legion’s poppy logo on it for £9.74. Blue Rock clothing is selling hooded tops and T-shirts with the poppy logo for up to £21. Other companies are…