Origami frog

Origami is the art of folding various paper figures. In this article we will look at how to make a jumping frog out of paper with your own hands.

You will need: square sheet of paper of green color, with a black marker.
Master class

1. Fold the base of the water frog in this way: fold the sheet on one diagonal, then on the other. Roll the sheet in half with the wrong side out, then spread out.

2. Fold the pyramid.

3. Fold the sides to the center.

4. Form the legs in this way: turn each side from the center outward, dividing the resulting angle in             half.

5. Repeat this process to create another foot.

6. Turn the frog feet down.

7. Fold the bottom corners to the top corner, first on one side then on the other.

8.  Fold the right corner of the resulting square to the center.

9. In the same way bend the left corner.

10. Form your eyes in this way: bend the bottom corners in half on the face, then lift your eyes                      upwards.

11. Make a zipper fold in the bottom of the frog next to the legs. The jumping function depends on              the size of the bends. The frog can jump forward, up and even do flips.

12. To the frog jumped in a sliding motion, click on the tail-fold.

13. Paint the eyes with a black felt-tip pen.

Frog – Jumping ready!

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