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Funny pictures that GIRLS CAN RELATE TO!


no thanks I’m actually on a diet me ten minutes later for real you’re just like what did i do I don’t think everything you’re like you try to control yourself and then you’re like no self-control and then everything is gone you’ve eaten all the cake and your best friend – and you’re like shit I really screwed this one up this time just another unrealistic body expectation for women oh man it’s sure though those mannequins you’re like damn girl like you’re not real but damn look at that body but like this one like don’t you wish you could just you know stretch your arm out and scratch your ankle when it’s itchy or you know I don’t know why you would need an arm this long but it’s it’s a joke it’s a joke when you shave for the first time in months so silky smooth this this uh I don’t know what this is but it’s it’s slang like I wish I could pose like this vegetable I’m assuming it it’s a root it’s a root vegetable I couldn’t Kerr I don’t know what I’m talking about but it’s it’s smooth and I want and I want to make babies with it wait I don’t want to do that I regret so many things I say when you randomly remember something awkward you did in 2008 you’re sleeping you’re like you snap out of it you’re like oh and then you feel this like feeling of self awkwardness and like why would you do that as you why out of everything you could have said anything you could have done that’s what you did and you just like give yourself a hard time forbid then you can’t sleep or like you randomly remember you forgot to do something like oh shit oh there’s a test tomorrow I’m screwed but I think this isn’t just for good ladies like this is I feel like every human goes through this I hope I hope it’s not just me let’s talk about Ed Sheeran who took his shoes off gave them to his girlfriend to wear held her heels and walked in his socks I love him this is lay Loki like super nice though like this man walked all around the floor where people literally piss where a dog’s piss and he’s like I got you girl that’s so nice this man is willing to walk in piss for his lady my mom made everyone get out of her picture with the food cuz ain’t nobody health look at her she’s like yeah you guys want to be in the picture next time help me mash some potatoes you little girl my mom is so sassy this I feel like all moms are like secretly like super sassy but sometimes like you just have to like really awaken their sass to see it and most the time you don’t want to see it because it’s savage when he seems like a nice guy but then you get to know what he’s really like you guys get it I’m not gonna explain it but if you get it then you get it but this goes for anybody cuz I’ve met girls too and I’m like she seems really nice and then she’s just like backstabbed you a million times and you’re like should have known I should have unwrapped the wrapper and singing that she was a horrible person this is how you make sure male TSA agents don’t touch your stuff I guess this would scare them away or like would it like would they really be like yeah just gonna let all that uh that large bag of powder pass because you just put pads no no I don’t think this is gonna work you like you should never do that I’m just saying like this logic is flawed like it would just be embarrassing for both parties because now you’re just like that girl who has her bag open and like you’re like bras and pads are just everywhere and everyone’s like looking at you or like they’re not looking but you think they’re looking at you cuz let’s be honest everybody everybody’s just trying to get to their flight nobody cares what’s in your bag but like to you at the end of the world I was just trying to squeeze my foundation Oh at first I thought that this was about and I’m sure this happens to everybody you’re just trying to get a little bit out like you’re not trying to waste the whole container because it’s expensive okay you’re not you’re not trying to waste all your foundation you just want a little bit you’re just like I just need to cover this one pimple or you know I’m not I’m not trying to like cake my whole face or maybe I am but regardless at this point I just want a little bit my mom introducing me to people this animal sleeps its whole life away it’s true like everybody’s parents think that they are lazy pieces of shit let’s be honest your parents think you are my parents think I am oh but we do stuff we get things done we may not be the cleanest people our rooms may be a mess we may be unorganized but we get shit done sometimes keyword on sometimes okay we got we got dreams and stuff we got dreams and stuff as e26 my six-year-old brother went on a date tonight meanwhile I’m struggling for a text back oh they look how cute they look this is adorable so cute but like also yeah when you get older people start playing well get more games cuz that because then everybody wants to be hard to get everybody’s all like basement and our texting me I’m gonna spend two hours to text them back what’d you order online versus what you receive this this is so accurate to my whole life I can’t I I can’t even explain to you guys because I order a lot of stuff online because I’m lazy and everything looks good online come on look you’re like damn that looks good but there’s like a 1 and a 10 chance that it’s gonna look what it looks like online sometimes sometimes it’s just because the model they put on and you’re just like she could literally be wearing a trash bag and you’d be like bye bye bye bye cuz it just looks so good on her or is option number 2 and you’re just buying trash like you’re literally buying something that this store was like let’s let’s copy this really famous design but making it out of $2 fabric and spend literally two minutes on it and then you put it on the whole thing falls apart I should make a video of like stuff I bought online that just just didn’t work out but I feel like that’s like insulting to the companies but also they insulted me but not giving me good things so I don’t know I’m torn should I make a video but my online shopping fails when a girl finally decided to tell you what’s wrong this is wrong and this is wrong and this is everything is wrong and she’s like and remember that time two months ago that you did this and remember last Sunday and and this and this and and everything is just like built up like she’s been keeping it in coz she’s been trying to you know not let anything bother her and by the time she explodes it’s like nobody knows what’s going on she doesn’t even know what’s going on she’s getting lost in her own thoughts there’s a lot going wrong but it’s just like you can’t explain it when there’s a million things I can’t even explain her by now this is my life in literally a picture I am this dog taking a quiz and I’m like what pizza am I am i pepperoni do I got pineapples people hate me do people think I don’t make sense because I got pineapples with pepperoni know him damn I don’t even know what I am when he asks you if you’re mad and you say no and he believes you and you’re like damn it why couldn’t he read through my note and then you get even more angry because she’s like how dare he not be able to tell that I’m not angry even though I said I’m not angry can’t he tell that I’m acting cold and distant and Damned maybe it’s our fault but we can’t help it how close my life is to falling apart dude her little heel could have gone through one of those little holes and then she would have felt just like Kabam but seriously though yeah you got to be careful when you were in heels you got to watch what’s on the ground you don’t want to step into anything where your heel can get caught no never when you have something to say but nobody’s paying attention this is so true just like listen to me this is me this is always me and just like when people talk over and you’re like literally you and you and you and you and you have all interrupted my story like I haven’t tell this story for like ten minutes and at this point what sucks is like you don’t even know if your story’s good enough anymore funny enough because like you’ve been trying to say and then all these people interrupting you and then you finally get it out and it’s like crickets and that’s the most awkward thing and they’re finally like okay what did you want to see and you’re like I don’t want to say it anymore it’s not even that funny it’s not even that good okay no but seriously how I feel right now same me when I’m trying to get ready and someone opens the door damn this is so good like I’m not ready yet give me I do so many two more seconds okay you are beautiful and you will do great today this is my favorite thing they’ve seen all day this is so cute like I just I just want to look at this every day and just be like yes I got this world today’s a new day and today we got this cuz you guys are all beautiful and you will do great today when you cut your hair and realize you like to better long oh I’ve done this but it’s usually like I didn’t mean to cut it short I was just like just cut the ends okay just the tips just caught a little bit off the ends like you know like this much I’m the hairdresser goes in like huh and you’re just like you here take my money but I’m never coming back here again and you can never say anything cuz if you’re like me then your pussy and you just feel bad you’re just like I take all my money and I’m just gonna go cry as soon as I leave the store okay legit like I’ve never been able to complain every I always feel too bad I need to get over that and just like stand up for myself model in this bathing suit versus me and this face oh no the truth behind this photo yeah this many strings I don’t I feel like unless you got rock-hard abs like it’s it’s just gonna and not not not like this let’s just say not like this how’s life going I’m fine I swear yeah me whenever I see a dog don’t even get me started I am obsessed with dogs like I I love them so much and I’ve always wanted a dog so badly I think that they’re like the fact of how loyal they are just like makes my heart melt every time like when I hear stories about like dogs being loyal or like how cute they’re and everything I just like freak out but I don’t have a dog because I travel a lot and I just don’t think it’d be fair to the dog to like race it and then like take it traveling being on planes for dogs isn’t fun and leaving it alone like dogs get depressed when you leave them alone like you can’t do that it’s not nice unless that you absolutely have to but like I just I I need to have a dog when I’m like settle down and I’m like okay I’m gonna stay in this country for a while like I’m not gonna be moving around every two months because that’s what’s happening right now is every two months like we go from Amsterdam to Canada so we either stay at my condo or we say Jordi’s condo so because I kind of go back and forth between my home or his home and I wouldn’t be married to a dog the fire alarms gone off and these girls have walked out of Nando’s with their plates these girls are having dinner fire alarm goes off and they’re like we’re not leaving our chicken don’t touch it they’re like they’re not risking anybody stealing their chicken or fire burning it down when you’re already in a bad mood and someone decides to test you make it worse this is so true you’re just like today is not the day you mess with me and you literally turn into this into this is some Hercules I don’t remember his name I’m sorry it’s been too long other girls I can’t eat in front of guys me no this is me I’m like I I like food too much I’ll eat in front of everybody please and thank you I’m here it’s trying to enjoy life okay there’s two types of girls I asked for a highlighter so good you get highlighter like you know trying to have your cheeks all on fleek in China you know pretend you got cheekbones when you don’t unless you’ve got cheekbones then you’re lucky or somebody who passes you a highlighter like who even owns one of these anymore three stages of having a crush one staring at her to thinking about her three three stalking her profile in social media so true stalking people on social medias like up there with like top five favorite pastimes and hobbies anyways guys I love you all so much

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