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The Funniest Animal Snapchats Ever!


hey guys today I’m gonna be reacting to funniest animal snapchats yeah let’s just get right into the video he looks like we mounted him to the wall oh my gosh he actually just looks like the dog’s head is on the wall what what is this illusion right there for a dollar why are you on the wall it’s probably just looking up I feel like my sister’s cat is touching to kill me this cat actually looks so emo those eyes it’s just like telling something it’s just like if one day I could get my claws on you yeah I’m going to clawed you it just looks so evil I think my dog decided a little bit on the inside of and I didn’t give her the last bite of my burger the dog’s face is just like what how could you not give me the last bite of your burger I can’t believe you just did that the dogs facial expression says it all this cat looks like he’s reading the foot of his enemies this cat looks like a freaking king it’s like bow down humans bow down new neighbors cut up and then look at you they just look so funny like there’s no focus on your face you don’t even know what’s going on and cats are so easily scared it’s just so funny I get the feeling my gecko doesn’t like me is that guy still being the person aha it’s not the root finger I see like a chewed and I’m worse for myself in a box this is so adorable the cat is like yeah what’s up what’s up human are you having a nice day because I am my cat is broken and she looks at me like this every time I’m chopping onions why I love dogs but cats are just so funny my dog ran away after hours of looking I came home to do this did I once we come in again it’s like oh my gosh somebody let me in almost set my cat on fire the cat is the only camouflage with the stove what I’m so glad the person didn’t like the stove up they almost completed the ladder to the food before they got a quart oh they’re planning to take over the kitchen I took over my cat’s milk and had no replacement he said I wasn’t as I ate my dinner looking at me like oh no the cat is like how do you feel human now that I can’t drink any milk how do you feel making me hungry how do you feel human my dog’s fell asleep playing with the tennis ball then looks like they’re giving each other that’s a really cute look at them with the eyes closed my heart my heart is melting walked in to find these two trying to join their brother oh the reaction I get when I told him to get off the chair he’s not impressed he’s just like really I mean I just want to sit on the chair like I’m not even bothering youth why I’m so nice to you I always kiss you and you come like I’m always happy when you come back but do you want me to get off the chair hurt and knock at my door was expecting pizza but instead knock what it’s just like hey can you let me in I’m kind of hungry and I need a hug can you please let me in apparently my rug has office wait is that a cat that’s a cat right oh my gosh how’s the cat so kind of flushed as if I saw this that night I would probably be scared when assembling your dog could be sure to follow the instructions to avoid assassins like this the dog is broken their dog is broken it’s just like wait he’s asleeping how does the dog think like that it’s so freaking flexible okay that is pretty amazing that is amazing dogs were so cute what started as moving the bed ended up as a reenactment of the Lion King my dog was barking Tony and I were taken to the pound oh no he stopped and looked at me I’m melting inside look at that puppy eyes it’s like please don’t take me to the pound oh no no poor puppy it looks like skin why would you scare a dog like that we gave a bearded dragon a toy lizard now he’s attached and wouldn’t leave it side ever this is how he sleeps every day what the heck it’s that attached it’s like I love you I love you toy lizard you and my wife she saw the kids playing on it and now she mails until you rock the cat is like I’m a baby too I want to play on this as well passed out and a London bus stop work up to this is that a fox wait is that a fox whoa I met a fox before but whoa it looks like it just was to play right or not my cat made this face when I’m out back in the guy he’s probably taken food it’s like is this human one of us is this human also a cat a cat pretending to be a human be cut is like what is life my cousin’s dog was he shocked awake oh it must be terrified it actually looks like skin look at them eyes it’s like whoa my mom’s office has a groundhog he regularly comes by for snacks today it was someone’s birthday there is no you look at that pink oh my gosh it’s stuck in a third of my animal snapchats they’re adorable for some reason my sister’s cuts it’s like this every day it’s sitting like a human it’s a human it’s a human stuck in the cat’s body what is this hamster beauty oh gee this hamster is probably like please more food please give me more food motherhood the eyes says or the eyes it’s like I am so done with life someone was soaring in front of me on the train I gave a light kick and this face turned around and looked at me I feel so guilty it’s like I accidentally kicked out a dog cancer be a friend if you treat them nicely that is they create oh my gosh I want to pet a cow I actually want to pet the cow Manuka okay it’s totally useless it’s not useless it’s reducing your stress right portal oh it’s probably another doctor on the other side for bonus this just looks so funny it’s like a book and the head is there so Nick is probably in this long it’s like this long the neck is this song and that accessible by Japanese Shoji doors was not a good idea did the cat lose like you come through there’s no privacy for this there is no privacy when you’re walking in the park and an animal has a side curse for you this accent looks like it’s from a game now you have to spend more time with me did I just look so cheeky it’s thank you the dog’s life is being better than mine the scenery the scenery looks amazing the dog knows how to enjoy scenery I remember we’re hours a day the portal opened and they entered our world but it’s actually kind of creepy cat’s eyes don’t in the dark and sometimes it can be pretty creepy my cat lined up perfectly with the D skull on my porch well that timing there that is amazing timing it looks like they cut is evolving into something else you is kind you is smart you is important look at is like you is kind you is smart you is important every day when you wake up just look in the mirror and remind yourself you are kind you are smart you are very important I killed this for you leave thank you bring you back your leaf I change him down while I went back inside to get my jacket came back out to a very good boy he didn’t move at all that is so cute what a good boy oh my gosh it’s a obedient it’s a perfect watermelon actually does it involve watermelon but I thought I monster sit here sit it doesn’t matter where doesn’t matter when he just sits says he even sits on his friend that is a treat yes it and he farts and thank God said who’s a good boy the light is shining Dalia him the dog is probing life ya have a good boy hands the pancakes this is a cute oh my god how is it so fat but it lies down it’s just like flat assistant branch manager how did that dog fit all that in its mouth wow that is impressive but a good puppy what a good puppy found and Lucille in my bathroom you know seals actually do look like dogs they’re called a water dog seals I caught a water dog that is so cute they think they’re going to the vet when in reality they headed to a dog park oh my gosh they’re hugging like if they came I might leave you behind it’s okay don’t let’s say loyal now go to retrieve a decide to roll I’m freshly mowed lawn well that’s great it’s a green gutter retriever now this would be my dog’s tinder profile picture Oh model dog model Papa it’s like am i sexy now look at me look at my body am i sexy now Cory I’m trying to pickpocket my mother’s that facial expression is everything that is so chewed okay this is our dog the dog actually looks good it’s like you caught me oh no I can explain I can explain this is have my neighbor’s dog gets attention by all of these sir adobo I love this Amos my heart is melting guess which one misses being the only dog licking on behind it’s like you got two other dogs now there are three doggies now I’m not your favorite dog anymore Oh $100 bed why do dogs do this why Oh My gods like you buy the bed bed but they don’t sleep on the bed they sleep on the floor why every day I walk my dog he finds the biggest dick possible to bring as a sacrifice for the big dog the horses attorneys are the big dogs prevent your cats and dogs him sit on fences – how did you target update how did it get up there wow that’s impressive that’s very impressive papa well that’s it for that video I hope you guys enjoyed tell me like um assembly which one was our favorite and as always thanks watching here you guys like that and I’ll see you guys next time bye

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