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Home / FUNNY ANIMALS / Funny Animals! Morphle meets a chameleon. Funny and cute animal cartoons for kids

Funny Animals! Morphle meets a chameleon. Funny and cute animal cartoons for kids


and my magic Pat Marple can – Tecna [Music] huh it’s there no chameleon in here that’s too bad I really wanted to take a picture of a chameleon of course chameleons can change their colors so they become very difficult to see let’s play hide and seek chameleon do you want to play hide and seek with us great let’s go [Music] till three [Music] here I come hey Mandy Moore folder now we can look for the chameleon together [Music] when all can find Tommy’s vision it is really good at hiding hey there you are okay let’s play hide and seek again one two three eight nine ten I can see you more full here in the tree oh there you are what’s wrong more full but a for sure is you’re finding enough already ah I have an idea I’ll be right back hi Mila hi mr. painter can I please borrow your paint and brush for a little bit oh sure you can it’s always great to see the future generation get into painting and well okay I’m ready chameleon this time you need to find more full and me I’ll take more full stop here huh now hold still for a bit [Music] chameleons coming don’t move marvel [Music] you found me but you still need to find more full there you are and you have the chameleon with you that’ll do Thank You Vila now more for you could take a picture with the chameleon as well [Music] oh no not my beautiful hat [Music] mr. mayor [Music] Lila it’s terrible I was just walking around in our beautiful city thinking mayoral thoughts when someone drove by and stole my hat don’t worry mr. mayor we’re on the job mortal Morphin to a search dog [Applause] [Music] know it right there I saw who took the Hat it was you all right what’s going on here oh you see give me back my are you saying more full stole from you would never do that yes he would I just bought a birthday cake when Warfel drove by and grabbed it from my hands are you all sure it was more phul yes Wow well morpho a criminal not in my city I’m going to have to take you to the police station Morpho [Music] looks like they’re gone you can come out now you’re they all think more phones no there’s dumb oh this must be our best plan yet yeah let’s do some more don’t worry mortal I will prove you are innocent no give me back my apples I can’t believe it more fool took all my apples don’t worry sir we’ve already caught more –fill but it happened just now outstanding police work if I say so myself I saw them with my own eyes now now Mila you can’t go around blaming everything on the bandits bye-bye now I know who did it the bandits stole everything but no one wants to believe me but I can’t do it without more falafel no cats raffle achoo but I have an idea [Music] hmm give me back my tools Morpho sounds like trouble go down don’t worry Joe what another morphing [Music] she’s too fast night she’s going to catch us yes the amount [Music] [Music] not so fast turn around quickly [Music] [Applause] we Danny Werfel quiet yawn how did you get out of jail Norville trying to hide all your stolen loot I see that’s not hey wait a minute this isn’t Warfel that’s what I’ve been telling you all along oh right already you’ve caught us I might have made a slight mistake I’m very sorry I doubted you more full of course you’re not a criminal and in light of your outstanding police work I’ll make you honorary police officers [Music] it was fun pretending to be more full right Stein it sure was morphing to a plane you’re no you morph into a car Stein and my magic paddle into [Music] Wow and that’s how my animal mixer works it can combine all sorts of animals this would be great to create new pets for the magic Pecha watch this [Music] oh no professor Rashid I don’t know how to change them back without professor Rasheed’s he’ll wait more into a superhero mortal [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] milla more for over here what is it zookeeper Kenneth my animals are all mixed up and I see your cat has a lion’s head well my lion has a cat’s head paws is that you hmm so the machine swaps parts of existing animals so to find the real Rashid we have to find the duck to the park mouthful and that’s the physics of why people can’t fly but ducks can pretty needy [Music] Mila more for let’s return to the lab so we can reverse this nonsense that should do it now hit the switch whoo wonderful now for the rest of the animals please don’t change them back again people love them at the zoo I’ve never had this many visitors and I would very much like to raise them to be great magic pets [Music] they’re way too loud over there gay bar geeks what’s this why is there a ball ruining my perfect lawn oh no you don’t this is my ball now can we please have our ball back mr. van der booth no you can’t maybe now you won’t play so loudly how will we ever get our ball back now that could work [Music] [Music] ha serve you right you cheeky monkey Oh are you all right mournful no I think I know how we can get the ball more flow more into it dangerous now let’s dig a tunnel to the neighbors [Music] [Music] I’m stuck [Music] we’re sorry mr. Vander booth we will be more careful when we’re playing thank you I guess let’s make sure the ball stays in our yard mortville morphed into a big monster [Music] [Applause] [Music] thank you it’s finished with my latest invention you will be able to morph just like powerful [Music] [Music] great idea marvel let’s play dinosaurs I know which dinosaur I want to be the biggest of them all bi [Music] look at my giant tail Oh No the invention room you’re right I have to go back to Professor Rasheed but I’m so vain I can’t get past those trees more fool more into a crane [Music] mournful snort into a giant robot [Music] – Wow I’m so sorry professor Rasheed I broke your invention and now I can’t morph anymore that’s alright I’ll have it fixed in no time [Music] you can have this back professor Ishii from now on only the morphing up to mortal you are watching Marvel TV nor for morph into a dolphin [Music] let’s make the game more special aqua Lee could you make a cool water stream in the shape of a rain oh that’s so cool let’s jump in [Music] here it comes oh man och Willie can you make the water stream go to the ball swimmin around no pay me Len Morpho what an awesome magic pet you out there this is aqua me and you can create the most amazing one stream that’s red we were thinking of getting some ice cream in the city but it would be way cooler if we could surf there hang up Willy do you want to create a water stream through the city [Music] oh boy [Music] hello oh and hello lady [Music] that looks like so much fun [Music] Mila can we join you guys sure ugly can you pick them up [Music] oh this is actually kind of fun get back here you bandits can you move this drink closer to the road so we can catch them [Music] creamy to get out of here style we can’t abandon mobile is broken looks like you’re stuck you might as well enjoy the ride what the lousy day – haven’t I had a single customer yet I hope you have enough ice cream because we’re all there you hungry yes yes of course and I haven’t sold any flavors like a the lemon but strawberry the chocolate a banana yogurt a partner in the legacy and my favorite flavor would well you’ve caught us again are you going to take is it now let’s see um well bring yes and I say but don’t you want some ice cream first we put the good and if you like a spice in your life we have a jalapeno get therefore surprised though that the one will open your sinuses I tell you and my magic Patmore book [Music] let’s start building what is that noise oh hello mr. van der booth we’re building a treehouse it’s going to be our Clubhouse the clubhouse in a tree What nonsense besides building a tree house is really difficult there’s no way you can do that I think we can do it mr. van der booth you’ll see haha now first we need to make sure all the planks are the right length hmm I don’t think scissors are going to be strong enough portal morph into a song now let’s put them together [Music] look at these amateurs barking I think we need some nails for that one fool move into a hammer [Music] that looks nothing like a treehouse well that is not half bad I suppose and now let’s turn it into a real treehouse joyful morph into ah [Music] well well well look at that bye it’s actually a decent treehouse how what is the password the password is mortal that is the most beautiful treehouse I have ever seen come on still get April and drilling and have a party in our new house huh the password is mortal Rock that’s the password for your club if you don’t know the password from my club well you can’t hmm we’ll have a picnic on the grass instead of a party in the clubhouse hey there barky you want to join our club [Music] and can I can I join your club – of course mr. Vander booze that’s great then why do we have a party in our Clubhouse [Music] oh wow a moving island and it’s coming towards the city let’s explore it mortal into a turtle [Music] me too little wrong it’s all alone and it has no friends it’s not your fault you guys this is a living Island and everyone on the island feels whatever the island feels but why is the island south head right now because one of its gemstones was stolen by someone living in your town who would do such a thing [Music] what luck if I reveal that the island has followed us all it’s almost as if it wants us to take the rest of the gemstones but first let’s put on our driving so that the island is magical feelings cannot affect us always causing trouble you go and stop them do it yourself no you should do it move into a big angry monster [Music] no more fully aligned isn’t big enough no it’s fine then you stop the pirates all by yourself I’m scared oh no you’re scaring me it was so scared I wouldn’t be able to find you we need to leave this island quickly [Music] I don’t anymore turtle oh we’re not gonna let them get away with this right Norville [Music] we have they like it when they’re scared [Music] I don’t think this was such a good idea pirate Maurice let’s get out of here pirate Seal [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] I don’t think you have to worry about those pirates anymore I’ve never seen them disappear [Music] [Applause] hi I’m Neela and my magic had morkul can morph into anything I want [Music] more full morph into its rain [Music] have funny to beach everyone [Music] Oh [Music] the line is missing as well where could it [Music] the bandits must have stolen bags let’s find them what did you do with all the animals huh what animals the animals that were in the cards that has disappeared you mean the cards that have disappeared like dad [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] but where’s the third monkey uh-oh he’s gone missing don’t worry we’ll find him again it’s not fun to be alone is it now that you’re together again let’s find the other animals they must feel just as alone and sad as you did just know if you find them you can call mortal [Music] Oh more food more traps right underneath the other thing correct now let’s find the others [Music] wow that looks great lion yeah now we only need to find the dad I’ll be together let’s go to the beach [Music] I think Kenneth is going to meet a doctor morph into an ambulance mortal [Music] we’re going to take you to the hospital zookeeper Canon Oh Jade you belong [Music] oh dear it looks like you made quite the tumble better come with me [Music] oh I think this sandwich has gone bad [Music] are you okay mr. mayor well I felt better oh that’s not good let’s take him to the doctor is well more full more into an ambulance again [Music] killeth needs a lot of rest so no monkey business while driving ready let me guess green within bad sandwich come on in I’ll fix you right up [Music] okay everybody hide one two three four five six seven eight nine ten that was easy I can’t help it I’m all itchy hmm Marvel I think you need to move into an ambulance again [Music] and from now on please be more careful about spoiled food my oh my what a busy day it’s really itchy I’ll bet looks like you’re having an allergic reaction follow me I have some cream for that are you ok mem looks like our little helper could use a hand himself [Music] morph into a toy car [Music] [Applause] [Music] oh no a flat tire Mila and Marvell I need your help there’s a major crime going on in the city park and without my police car I can’t get there fast enough no of course we’ll help mr. policeman normal more into a police car [Music] I wonder what the major climb is mortal maybe it’s the globe and it’s over there more ‘full I need a chopper Marvel morph into a police helicopter [Music] not in my city that sign says keep off the brass I’ll have to write you a ticket was that the big fun you need to stop mr. policeman yep it was at Oh No morphic go over there Heidi aren’t you a bit too old to be committing crimes you did not clean up your doggies poop in my city I’ll have to write you a ticket lady these don’t seem like very important in the crimes Marvel yeah it’s a good thing we’re here today there’s a lot of major crime going on oh no this is serious follow him more [Music] stop it right there ice cream man look at your ice cream it’s melting well yeah I cannot stand for this not in my city I will have to write you a ticket there’s a crime going on I see [Music] barfle why didn’t you stop there was crime right there [Music] more take a left here look at how that car is parked powerful they are going over the bridge [Music] to the car morpho you have to stop if you don’t we look cars aren’t supposed to fly in my city we can’t you glue bandits we are no longer the glue bandits we are now the chain of office badness ha ha ha now I see why you went after the bandits Morpho we caught them in the act of littering in my city I will have to write you a ticket for that [Music] the chain of office bandits will strike again Oh mr. policeman thank you so much for finding my chain your chain that means it was you who was littering in my city mr. mayor I will have to write you a ticket [Music] daddy what are you doing I’m trying to get this flying lion to fly but it’s too scared today its new human companion is coming to pick it up the divas promised a flying lion I’ve been trying all night I’m so tired I don’t know what we should have the lion to not be afraid of flying anymore [Music] [Music] hello is there anybody here I am looking for my flying lion oh I don’t want to wake him up I’ll just take the flying lion myself ah here it is we will show you that it’s not scary to fly marvel morph into a hot air balloon [Music] I don’t think it’s working it’s just making the lion more scared [Music] hmm I have a plan I think we should stop trying to teach you how to fly from now lion let’s play a game instead let’s play hot lava monster the game is that you can’t touch the floor because that’s the lava only the lava monster can touch the floor and he has to catch the other players morph into a lava monster more pool [Music] you got me lunch day [Music] [Music] Wow it was only for a little bit and not very high like you we’re flying let’s try it again [Music] time for some music [Music] [Applause] [Music] milla morpha I need your help I can’t find the noise monster [Music] not in my city [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] every time the noise monster hears a loud noise it grows and if he becomes any bigger that building is on will collapse [Music] but how do we get them up there [Music] Wow that lion is amazing at flying [Music] we all have to be very quiet or else the noise monster will grow again don’t worry I’ll get everybody to be quiet everybody be quiet [Music] [Applause] [Music] and my magic pad normal can morph into anything [Music] here we are I’ve heard that there is a very special magic pad on this island [Music] weren’t that into yourself so we can go into the jungle ooh I think I see daddy from the trees yeah but when you’re with me I don’t feel scared at all elephant’s trunk it’s tough underneath that tree more fool more into an elephant as well so you can lift up that tree [Music] it is I wonder where the sound comes from oh look over there more full right the babies move into a bird as well [Music] now fly up high and look if you can see daddy it sounded really close by more full yeah whoa no Mila morphing that’s daddy’s voice let’s go warble Mila more full are you there no is anyone there hello bird so you were the one making that scary sound huh that was great do you really think so you must be the magic pet daddy too bad hey was that you it wasn’t me we need to help him [Music] milla more full are you there [Music] into a big dog [Music] Thank You more phul Mila and you are the magic pet great you you

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