Funniest Pet Tantrum Compilation Ever October 2018 | Funny Pet Videos

go lay down I’m allowed to pet the cat [Music] [Music] do you miss mama neo Monica home she’s got like talons for nails hey can you get up really I’m sorry no you stay off the bed let’s go see Maggie where’s Maggie let’s go Miyagi stop being a baby come say hi to Aunt MA come on let’s go say hi to Emma and you know you bring me I love you chase I love you buddy I love you what oh love you bringing that tie them to our food tell me no you have a bone right there that’s her bone you go eat her bone get in the house go the house mom’s gotta go to work mom’s gotta go make the bacon chopped up grandmother’s know to pop up what are you talkin about what what are you talking about [Music] were you a naughty boy are you in trouble with mom tonight huh are you in trouble with mom tonight cuz you party in the basement today you an e-bike fatale and then he hit see him pull them what you’re trying to pull them out [Music] [Music] no Phoebe did you eat my passport today did you eat it [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] yeah Walter White I mean do you think you can talk to me insightful way just cuz you watch Walter does not mean you can be drama why don’t you get up come on let’s go nothing come on let’s go get up get up you’re gonna get up [Laughter] [Music] [Music] no no no be quiet be quiet bear whatever you know you in trouble you and tribe Oh Nina you can’t hurt me you can’t have any chicken what’s wrong [Music] Bowie loves his baby brother he doesn’t always love this big sister