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Best Animal News Bloopers


and look they’re big this one is about 12 pounds but they can grow and Nicole DiDonato live in east town and those details coming up oh my goodness I’m Brett Morris he’s a dairy farmer and this is his farm that we’re on and all right this early in the morning hey we got to make cow that’s right beef and you have a micro mini pony oh look at you how strong you are what is your name the goats will be here through Saturday and they’re very friendly from the Manatee County Fair Linda Carson ABC 7 would you not eat my pants ah several scheme sprang up to take advantage of the financial potential of these birds one scheme promised investors a 50% return on their investment within 1 year to me that would have been a warning sign nonetheless this big black Austral up cockerel one of 500 birds they’re being judged today at the show up no you’re more lighter I’m Sabrina Rodriguez we’re in Lodi today and I am being joined right now by Nikki the baboon and we’re going to be he’s trying to cop the feel a little bit but we’re gonna be talking a little bit about the low light grape festival that is happening this weekend starting today I will learn more about what baboons actually love grapes Oh boxing news reporter kathleen cochrane live in russell township with details hi Bill and Stacey well the couple is accused of throwing two cats like this right here out of their car and killing them that was part of their sentence the food guys having fun but now as part of their sentence a couple is going to have to come right there you go there’s the morning ritual got 11 hours she just said they pull my finger smells ripe in here now let me tell you that is so funny yeah how’s that working for you the course of the next few days you know right before Thanksgiving actually closed the complaint desk but I’m gonna have to reopen it hey King how are you woo live TV how are you buddy it’s not your turn yet you have to wait one more segment okay just let me do the weather I know you’re stoked so are we alright let’s just go to the map so and get him off of here in a graceful fashion heath presents you with your first bag of your supply of science diet so once we hit the goal weight we can switch types of food but for now I’d say we stay on the reducing yeah my goodness Rudy okay well you know but no it was bound to happen are you ok Joanne see you keep okay well let’s before we get going here I’m gonna learn yeah go ahead Joanne one thing you do have an opportunity to do is to come down and meet miss Vanessa and say hello see what she actually does scuse me turn it off your head woman I believe that happened we’ll have more later I promise nothing like that thank you good night everybody you’ve been a wonderful audience are we still on the air oh man oh but uh can I lay this in Arlington oh good grief yes boy let’s see how long it is let’s hold about this guy is uh probably close to five feet Texas rat snakes are going to be one of the largest snakes that you find in the Metroplex area get this the gold McMahon get this thing off me man what is this pig jumping at me for it he likes you here I could jump me all right let’s try to get back on the control you tell me – okay let’s try to get our composure here you’re all right yeah Raleigh at eight lake ozark coming in at nine Griff he wants to play and I okay go get it and I will say Murphy loves the snow we had it take five takes to try to potty just once that’s cuz he loves the snow that much you just can’t do it okay hi bud all right we are seeing that some light winds and if you’re heading out the door it’s Cole for Leonard coming in at zero one house what it feels like in Springfield 9 and Lake Ozarks and high-pressure right now is sliding off to the east and as it slides off to the east look at the winds here comes Friday look hey you could see the wind’s really strong out of the southwest oh gosh you really want to play yesterday it was quiet today ladies and gentlemen we have a different dog our west winds start to move in and it gets even warmer heading into Saturday notice the system rolling just down to the south clear skies this afternoon ok take a look at future temperatures here future temperatures bring highs I’m sorry bud ok he’s a warrior here griffeys a curvy guys coming back 54 for a afternoon temperature on Friday I think we get to 56 I think we are all reaching 70 at least down to the southwest at least our Southwest Saturday good chance at 70 degrees we actually will thaw things out he’s making me work today this is I thought men could multitask right alright 30 20 X tonight it’ll get a little bit the fake throw it worked I’m it bori curses ajita boricuas hijita stupid ramona mess my boricuas esta gente superdome una mas Malibu nostos par un que la vía gonan me Purdon’s esta la de bourree curse esta heat asleep otro muna mess my yebin oh so SI pagan Keala idea bora-bora chooses ajita stupid ramona mess malibu no sleep are you yeah la pelota samara homilies mikado dresses la di teeny pickax you Tecna kala kalah LRE Frankie Samaras Emilio yeah boricuas Iquitos tipo tromo see Marisa Millis Mikado dresses party dr. Maha deck see Marisa Millie’s mojo dresses tiene picky keep it up Tom only pas de bourree coziest ajita su Potro mo Mnemosyne are pazzo Samaritan village Megiddo dresses teeny peaky deck sir – Nia I prepare a travesty giving today Nia is beautiful calm calm dog and really I was telling a lie this dog is crazy absolutely crazy alone month old is a puppy with full of beans now he’s had been tattooed he’s been tattooed but um he hasn’t been neutered yet we thought anyone it was like why would the tattoo him and not Lord you know what I know – no you’re right Richard was right he’s tattooed yeah he’s just yes he’s they’re not there they’re gone just fell Oh get off no this is ginger hi ginger ginger just loves people I love ginger you don’t have any makeup okay okay okay ginger mandra that’s good oh yeah anyway these two dogs are absolutely fabulous oh they need a wee bit training yeah really thank why do we do this and she fade because she’s she spanked injured all the pressure she just had babies yeah no our nipples and yeah no she’s big you can see the stitches hey this is ouch being early tired we stopped that do you guys want some cheese I’m gonna anyway no sir yes PC we’re overrun with dog need partner all foxes I’m not missing that’s so not good no don’t tell me to shut up okay down tinder down what’s the phone number that people can adopt these green animals cuz we’ve so sold them everybody’s gonna want these to now be nice five night I mean call me there at the story SPCA but if you call my number which will be coming up on your screen in a second yeah and I’ll direct you to the Surry SPCA oh we don’t have the number oh yeah well let’s just let me play some more event okay did your old in your own so for seventy nine four six seven zero and they’re at this sir yes PC TP oh stop it stop it okay you

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